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More than just Lavender!

Garden Gate Farms

lavender farm in Spokane.jpg

Come visit our egg laying chickens! 

Our Miniature Cows love to be petted!


               It's totally amazing! 

Garden Gate Farms is an amazing concept. A real working lavender farm that not only grows flowers but people!


Well you can't really grow people, although it does sound kinda cool. What if you could meet people just like you? People who understood exactly how you feel? What if you didn't have to pretend to be nice to people but you actually liked them and they liked you?


I been known as THE Original Lavender Lady here in Spokane for over 20 years now! Our concept in growing is unique, but simple. People and farms have a lot in common. We will explore this more in depth on our other pages, but let’s narrow the similarities down into one simple sentence.

      People and farms need nurturing!

Our mission statement is to:

  *Create a place that allows one to get away from the hustle of life and relax, refuel their energy, and re-enter their personal or business world refreshed.

  *Provide opportunities where the pace is slowed down in order to allow creativity

to be explored.

  *Share the history and the fabulous things one can do with lavender!

What else?

Our Spokane Lavender site is filled with a variety of things for you to explore. Are you looking for information about women farmers? Interested in knowing how to navigate workplace politics?  In need of some pampering products?
Whatever your needs are I am sure you will enjoy our novel site. Still not sure where to start? How about the about us button? Its sure to get you understanding who we are and what we are all about. Happy clicking!!

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