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It's Back to School Week

and it is going to be another weird one with masking and social distancing. Just like it is weird to go back to school in this Pandemic environment it has been weird to choose to close up my farm for the past two summers. Initially, the last two springs I just opened up for plant sales and visits but soon closed down due to the rising covid cases.

Unfortunately, it was because my micro-miniature cattle can get the virus easily.

They can't wear masks to mitigate their exposure like humans can so in their best interests I closed down.

My plan is to reconfigure my gardens this next spring and hopefully open up again to the public. I know my phone was ringing off the hook all summer for folks who wanted to visit and I just could not keep up with the backlog of calls. So if you called and did not receive a call back I am truly sorry.

I may have to only open by appointment only next year if this pandemic continues. That way I can control more easily how many people are on the farm and still be able to give everyone the undivided attention they deserve.

Meanwhile, it is back to school time and I am looking forward to tutoring all my lovely students at my tutoring center (Key Academic Tutoring & Life Coaching)

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